The studio master quality of Blu-ray media is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced at home. Here are my current favorite Blu-ray concerts:

 The SADE Live Concert is without peer for staging, style, musicianship, a singular work of art by a tremendous talent.  Here is No Ordinary Love, this is no ordinary art, its mesmerizing.




  Adele’s live performance of her Album of the Year at Royal Albert Hall, the song Someone Like You has the power to stop you in your tracks and choke you up. When’s the last time a CD did that to you?




Hall and OatesHall and Oates are the best selling rock duo in history.  Combining jazz and soul with rock, they will sweep you away.






Robert Plant and the Band of Joy prove that great songs and musicianship need no props, at 64, he is still creating great music that will stand the test of time. 




Stevie Wonder Live at Last is without doubt the all time best concert by Stevie, all his hits, done to perfection.  Who else could even play Sir Duke?




Rob Thomas Live at Red Rock, a natural amphitheater in Colorado, a special place for a great band and artist to play their songs.  Thomas has a 20 year career full of hits, this show from 2008 is full of good feelings and songs.




Peter Gabriel’s Secret World was recorded and filmed in 1994, its remarkable still in HD, as Dont Give Up demonstrates, with Paula Cole





Madonna’s concerts in Buenos Aries set the standard for best use of technology and staging.  On The Beat features Madonna, with Kanye West and Pharrel Williams singing back-up on huge HD screens behind the stage.  The scale and degree of sheer artistry in this show is without peer, although SADE comes closest.




Simon and Garfunkel reunited for a short set at the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show at Madison Square Garden, full of other wonderful performances too, but this one is special, the quality of their voices and harmony so good in HD, and the timeless melody of Sounds of Silence.




George Michael is still one of the greatest performers and Father Figure shows his virtuoso talents in London’s 02 Arena, full of fans who still love him because his music is timeless, his melodies haunting.  He uses large scale video to embellish his songs with beauty.




Concert For George was a special event in memory of our Beatle who will live on in his music.  Eric Clapton, Paul, Ringo, Jeff Lynne, Billy Preston, on stage with Dani Harrison, George’s son.  The resemblance is uncanny, the music inspiring for its muscianship.




Led Zeppelin’s Reunion show in 2007, celebrating the life of Ahmet Ertegun.  After rehearsing for 6 weeks, the band, proves their greatness is not deminished, for most of us, still the greatest band of all time