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Industry Pioneer and Technology GuruBob head shot 6  

Bob Rapoport started his career as a manufacturer’s rep with the legendary Morris -Tait Associates in Los Angeles selling Sennheiser and Bang & Olufsen. After that, he sold Bose and the best high end brands of the day; Phase Linear, Stanton, Rabco, and Discwasher. Within 2 years, Bob started his own rep sales company with SAE, Boston Acoustics, ESS, Adcom, and Mobile Fidelity, among others. 

After 16 years of repping, Bob moved on to become a National and Global Sales Manager, Product Designer, Manufacturer, and finally Sales and Marketing Consultant. An award-winning career in the AV industry makes Bob uniquely qualified to guide start-up manufacturers in the business.

 Founded in 1997, TRG Marketing specializes in launching new brands, pioneering new technologies, and solving challenging marketing problems for manufacturers of audio video components and accessories. Career highlights include two patents in the field of multi-channel matrix surround sound, being listed in the Who’s Who of American Inventors in 1996-97, 12 design and engineering awards from CES, and recognition for the Best New Audio Product of the Year at Innovations 2002 for the Final Modular Electrostatic Speaker System  

In 1997, when Dolby’s competitor dts decided to launch their multi-channel surround sound format for consumers, they chose TRG to lead the way.  The world’s first add-on dts® decoder was manufactured by TRG and 6200 units were sold worldwide in 1997-98.  This led to the successful licensing of the format to all of the Japanese audio manufacturers including Sony, Yamaha, Denon, etc. as well as all the high end American component and home theater vendors. In 1999, Microtek of Taiwan, a leading manufacturer of scanners, chose TRG to launch their Vantas division, selling add-on Dolby Digital decoder/amplifiers to owners of legacy pro logic receivers

 In 2002, Dutch speaker manufacturer Final hired Bob to design the industry’s first wall-mountable, modular electrostatic speaker system for flat panel TV’s.   This work won a patent in 6 months, it was so unique the USPTO approved it in record time.   Bob and Final won Best New Speaker In The World from Innovations 2002 at CES.

In 2003, ExactPower selected TRG to launch their $2000 state-of-the-art precision voltage regulation and waveform correction system.    Starting at zero sales, TRG opened 60 US dealers and began exporting to 20 countries, putting ExactPower on track to sell over $1 million in 2004. Bob’s career began in 1971, when he worked under the master, Dr. Amar Bose, and learned the art of selling speaker systems.    It was this experience that taught him many of the lessons he applies today.  

Along the way, he owned a rep company for 16 years, pioneering such brands in the 1970’s as SAE, Boston Acoustics, Adcom, Mobile Fidelity, and many more.   Prior to founding TRG, Bob also founded Chase Technologies in 1993, manufacturing the world’s first 900 MHz wireless speaker and headphone system and other audio accessories.   Chase was acquired by a public company in 1995.

Today, TRG handles the sales and marketing worldwide for several important high end AV manufacturers.   References available upon request