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Testimonials by clients and publishers tell the story:


“Companies looking to navigate the tricky waters of the AV industry for top line sales and marketing help, and more importantly – meaningful profits – need to look no farther than Bob Rapoport. I have sent close to a dozen clients to Bob to help illuminate their path to AV industry success and every one of them has thanked me for the recommendation. Bob’s proven track record speaks for itself as no one person has taken so many companies from zero to 60 so quickly. His methods cut the BS and get to making money fast. What more can you ask?”

Jerry Del Colliano, Publisher – CEO


“Bob is hard working and full of energy. When it comes to closing deals, he will stop at nothing. In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about his marketing plans but, after 7 successful years, I know it works. Having Bob onboard was my smartest decision”

Minsoo Park, President PureLink by Dtrovision LLC.


“What Bob brought to our start up company was a wealth of experience in the audio marketplace that would have taken 20 years of pain and mistakes to acquire ourselves. He´s made a contribution in almost all aspects of the business – and delivered on his marketing and sales promises. He has worked closely in product development and pricing decisions. It would have cost many times more to bring that kind of sales management and experience in house.”

Damian Janzen, President PurePower Partners LLC.


Over the years, Bob has won numerous awards as Rep of the Year, several design patents, the Best in Audio award from Innovations at CES for the best new speaker design of the year in 2002, and too many Design and Engineering awards to count, here are but a few of the trophies and placques:

Patent For Passive Surround Decoder